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If you are submitting forms online and are using an internet based email account (yahoo, gmail, msn, etc.) You will have to do the following to submit your form(s) to Historic Hoosier Hills:


1.  Click the form you plan to use from above either Project Committee Form or Grant for Submission Form


2. Click Open


3. Fill out all information required


4. Click Submit


5. Select Internet Email & OK


6. Save the form to your computer (remember where you save the form on your computer)


7. Then go online to your email provider and send a new email to


8. Put Project Committee Form or Grant for Submission Form in subject line of email message


9. Attach the form you are wanting to send to Historic Hoosier Hills


10. Click Send


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you contact HHH to make sure your form was received.


If you want to make sure your email and attachment(s) are received by Historic Hoosier Hills feel free to contact the office at 812-689-4107.




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